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Randall Jones is an oil painter living and working in Denton, Texas. He received his Masters of Art and BFA in Visual Arts Studies  from the University of North Texas. 
Artist Statement:

  My work in oil painting is a personal investigation into the fundamental nature of things. The self, domestic life, nature at its most micro and macro scales, and our collective and individual relationship with the unknown, through a combination of intimate moments from daily life and surrealist imagery. The daily human moments of a persons life offer an intimacy and a specific intersection in time to meditate on. It's a practice of processing life through the slowness of painting, and allows me to linger in appreciation of a moment for longer than time allows. 

   While the majority of the visual media that is consumed now exists in our virtual lives, I am interested in creating a physical visual experience for the viewer through the tactile and slow process of paint. The natural world is often depicted for its timeless metaphorical resonance, and the universality of its imagery.

 I mix traditional oil painting on canvas with other techniques such as dying the surface, sanding areas of paint away, or painting on found fabrics. These techniques surrender the artmaking process more in part to chance,  maintaining a dialogic relationship with the unknown throughout the process of making.

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